About Kopterflug

Specialist for industrial UAV inspections

Why you should work with Kopterflug

We are pioneers in the field of industrial inspection by drone. As one of the first providers in Europe for the inspection of confined spaces and hard-to-reach areas in the field of industrial plants, power plants, vessels and infrastructure, our goals is the improvement of the work safety, the improvement of inspections and cost reduction. Our background in manned aviation allows us to carry out projects systematically and with a high degree of technical expertise. We have already worked for numerous industries and know how to operate professionally in the sector.

Drone inspection as a service

For us, drone inspections start with project planning. The inspection mission itself is carried out strictly according to standards which are oriented to those of manned aviation. Afterwards, we process the captured data and make them available via our Corporate Cloud if you wish. We will be happy to help you link the data with your maintenance software. We can then inspect the same facilities or infrastructures on demand and make the data available to you in a completely convenient and transparent manner. This guarantees continuous condition monitoring.

Who's Kopterflug?

Kopterflug is a team of people from various fields. From manned aviation and model aircraft to commercial marine to software development and data processing. We are optimally prepared to plan and carry out complex inspections.

In which fields is Kopterflug active?

Our special field is the inspection or condition monitoring of technical infrastructure with UAVs. We work in the following areas: (Heavy) industry, power generation, asset management and marine. Our customers include power plant operators, operators of large-scale industrial plants and medium-sized enterprises.

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