Boiler / Super-heater inspection by drone

Power plants can reduce the inspection time for boilers by four days to one day when using drones and can also avoid scaffolding.

With conventional methods, a boiler inspection in a power plant is a long process: 3 days for the cooling of the boiler, 2 days for the erection of the scaffolding, up to 4 days for the inspection and another 2 days for the removal of the scaffolding. And then there are the costs for all these downtimes, per day net profit loss for a typical 450 to 750 MW coal-fired power plant not yet taken into account. But power companies can use drones to reduce inspection time by four days to one day without the need for scaffolding. Dangerous working hours are drastically reduced and inspections can be performed at a fraction of the cost. 
Photos Copyright by SITM Plzně – Tušimice and

In order to properly document the inspection, it is important that a technician familiar with the boiler is on site during the inspection. The pilot-in-command should take pictures in a planned and structured manner so that engineers can match the pictures with the correct parts. You have to admit that the captured images are mysteriously very beautiful. When it comes to boiler inspections, the use of the drone is superior to classic inspection methods that require a scaffold. A boiler inspection with drones shortens inspection time by 75% and completely reduces downtime, costs and dangerous working hours associated with scaffolding. Looking at the figures, boiler inspection by drone is child’s play.

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