Inspection of pipes, pipe holders and compensators by drone

We inspect pipes, spring hangers, constant hangers and compensators - even in hard-to-reach areas by drone.

" The inspection of pipe systems, pipe holders and compensators by drone is safer, faster and cheaper than conventional inspection methods. "
Christian Engelke

Inspection of pipe systems in industrial buildings and power plants

Condition monitoring of pipes by drone

Pipelines in industrial plants do not necessarily run flat on the ground, but often in bundles of several meters in height between individual plant components, often across several buildings. With our inspection drone we can carry out industrial inspections of hard-to-reach pipelines and their suspensions.

Reading and inspecting spring hangers and constant hangers via drone

In power plants, spring hangers and spring supports are used to compensate small vertical expansion displacements of the piping. Larger vertical expansion movements of pipelines and plant components are compensated with constant hangers. The functional accuracy of the constant hangers is decisive for the favourable long-term behaviour of the plant components concerned. With our drones we can also fly and inspect hard-to-reach pipe supports.

Inspection of pipe compensators per drone

Expansion joints are flexible elements for compensating movements (vibrations, thermal length changes ...) in pipelines. Compensation is mechanical. We can check compensators for visible damage using inspection drone.

Corrosion, damage and faulty screw connections or defective compensators on pipes

Pipes in industrial and power plants are sometimes located in hard-to-reach areas between plants and through buildings. With our industrial drone we can inspect cracks, spalling, corrosion, defective pipe clamps, brittle rubber expansion joints and much more.

Q&A on the inspection of expansion joints and pipe systems

Depending on the type of plant, compensators are installed in places that are sometimes extremely difficult to reach and normally require the erection of scaffolding. Using a drone, we can carry out a visual inspection of compensators and piping within a few minutes.
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