Inspection of tanks by drone

We inspect ballast water, chemical, pressure and gas tanks, tank farms, silos, chemical reactors, fermenters and other tank-type facilities

" The inspection of tanks makes scaffolding and walk-through unnecessary, thereby reducing time, risks and costs. "
Christian Engelke

Inspect tanks and confined spaces by drone

Inspection of vessel tanks by drone

Ballast, fuel and cargo tanks as well as cargo holds on vessels must be regularly inspected for general integrity and corrosion. The cathodic corrosion protection (sacrificial anodes or external current cathodes) in the ballast water must also be checked. The inspection of confined and inaccessible spaces on board is dangerous and time-consuming for the crew. When using drones, the inspection is possible without direct access to the tanks, only one manhole has to be opened.

Inspection of chemical reactors, fermeters and boilers by drone

In addition to our indoor drone missions, we also inspect larger chemical reactors with special cameras and camera carriers to produce 360-degree images. Hard to reach areas in fermenters, boilers and silos can be easily inspected with our flying robot. In particular, the corrosion condition, joints such as welds or screwed joints can be inspected very excellently and safely within a very short time without the need to erect scaffolding.

Condition monitoring of tanks by drone

In the context of our drone inspection, we inspect joints or welds, roof constructions, drains and inlets of steel tanks and plastic tanks. Our drone surveys provide information on structural damage, deformation, damage due to corrosion and also show flaking, defective screw connections or other damage.

This is what the drone can do for tank inspection.

Detecting and documenting corrosion in tanks

In particular, corrosion plays a major role in the areas of tanks and tank-similar installations. On the pictures which we make with our drones the corrosion condition or the condition of corrosion protection can be excellently recognized and also tracked if pictures are made in intervals.

Check welding seams and joints

With the drone we can go directly to the spot to be inspected. The condition of welds becomes perfectly visible and can be documented. We also have experience with the inspection of welds in LNG / LPG marine tanks.

Check screw connections, bolts and connection pieces

The high-resolution drone camera can take extremely detailed pictures of bolts, nozzles and screw connections in combination with the adjustable lighting and manual exposure.

Identify structural damage

Whether as a reactive or preventive maintenance measure or to record damage. With our drone we can record the condition of tanks within a very short time.

Q&A about tank inspection by drone

The drone makes it possible to inspect tanks at very short notice in complete darkness without having to erect scaffolding. Inspections can also be carried out without direct access to the tank, for example if an inspection is too dangerous.

Our customers use the recordings to request expert opinions or to get an idea of the condition of the tanks during periodic maintenance.

No, unfortunately that is not possible. In our experience there are no ATEX certified drones at the moment. (as of March 2019)

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