With a focus on customized solutions, Kopterflug has completed successful inspection projects for clients in diverse industries. From chemical plants to construction sites, our team of experts has used advanced equipment to provide detailed insights and reports on asset conditions, helping clients optimize their maintenance strategies.

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AI-assisted inspection revolutionizes the evaluation of industrial assets by leveraging sophisticated algorithms to ensure accuracy, efficiency, and reliability in the assessment of their condition and performance.
Revolutionizing inspections: Reach inaccessible sprinklers without disruptions using advanced drones and cameras.
What does a Drone Inspection cost? Uncover the hidden cost factors of a professional drone operation and why it's worth the investment
Underwater drones are revolutionizing underwater inspection in power plants and industrial facilities, offering enhanced safety, precision, and cost-efficiency, while mitigating human exposure to potentially hazardous environments.
Underwater drones and sonar are revolutionizing the inspection of power plant cooling circuits, by minimizing risks, enhancing accuracy, and facilitating more efficient monitoring of sediment, thus preventing costly downtime.
Drone technology is revolutionizing sewer inspections by increasing safety, efficiency, and precision. It provides detailed documentation, quick execution, and minimizes risks, while opening up new professions and application possibilities.
At Kopterflug, we specialize in internal inspections of industrial chimneys, providing a safe, efficient, and cost-effective alternative to traditional methods. Our advanced drones and cameras deliver high-definition images, ensuring accuracy
Drone inspection is revolutionizing power plant boiler assessments. With precise aerial imaging, drones enable more efficient and safer evaluations of boiler systems. Eliminating the need for hazardous manual inspections or
Revolutionize your fire protection system with our Micro ROV inspection services. Our technology provides fast, safe, and efficient inspections of sprinkler tanks, without interrupting your system's operation or wasting water.
Our confined space drones offer an innovative and efficient solution for inspecting waste bunkers. Discover how our specialized technology can help you detect potential problems and optimize your waste management
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