Inspection of confined space and hard-to-reach areas with drones

" UAVs provide the safest, fastest and most cost-effective method of visual inspection in industrial environments. "
Christian Engelke

Inspection of industrial plants and power plants by drone

In large-scale industry, downtimes and efficient maintenance planning play an essential role. A shutdown in a power plant can cost a million euros or more per day. With our special UAVs, like the inspection of confined space and hard-to-reach areas. In addition to drones, we also use cameras such as 360° cameras to inspect technical installations. Our work improves operational safety, keeps plant downtimes short, drastically reduces inspection costs and provides reliable data for consistent and continuous reporting.

Inspections of vessels and offshore systems

In order to maintain class and safety on board, various technical installations must be inspected regularly. This requires a complex safety procedure and, in many cases, the erection of scaffolding. Especially in shipyards, the slots are expensive and tightly scheduled. We can inspect various tanks, cargo holds, ship cranes and many other installations easily and safely by drone. The inspection of offshore facilities is currently in the process of being set up.


Although we do have a pilot’s license for manned aircraft: Due to the extremely complicated and constantly changing regulations and for each country individual drone laws, Kopterflug works primarily within buildings and/or technical plants.

We work for customers in (heavy) industry, maritime and power generation.

If the job situation allows it, we can be at your site within the shortest possible time. Please contact us!

With our indoor drone we fly up to 10cm close to objects and can determine the condition of corrosion and welds as well as the presence of screws, bolts and structural damage.

For the inspection of confined space and hard-to-reach areas, it is possible to fly in complete darkness. The headlights on our Elios drone are so bright that we sometimes have to deal with too much light than too little.

The use of drones improves occupational safety, makes inspections faster and more cost-effective and ensures the best possible documentation in condition monitoring.

Kopterflug can work in almost all European countries.

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